Our History

Since 1920

St. Paul's on the hill

For a century, St Paul’s has stood on top of the hill overlooking Dayton, Ohio, connecting the city to its southern suburbs. We have been a mainstay to the community as a place of worship throughout the entrepreneurial history of the region. St. Paul’s embodies the rich Episcopal tradition of bridging the ancient origins of Christianity with the yearnings of the modern world.

St. Paul’s is the eleventh largest parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, which has 78 parishes located across the state from Cincinnati to Columbus and from Dayton to Athens. As a member parish of the Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s belongs to a world-wide community called the Anglican Communion. Anglicans are bound together by a rich sacramental prayer tradition that is embodied in the Book of Common Prayer and which has been translated into many languages.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was founded in 1920 as a mission of Christ Church, Dayton. It began as a Sunday school for the families who had moved south from the city following the great flood of 1913. The mission became a full-fledged church in 1925. In 1929, St. Paul’s was admitted to the Diocese of Southern Ohio as its own parish. The original facility was dedicated in 1939; additions to the original structure were made throughout the years in response to the desire for additional space for worship, education and fellowship activities. Today, the physical property is one of the parish’s finest assets.