Episco church welcomesThe Episcopal Church

 St. Paul’s is a 11th largest congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, which has 78 parishes located in numerous small towns and in the larger cities of Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati.  As a member congregation of the Episcopal Church,   St. Paul’s belongs to a world-wide fellowship called the Anglican Communion.  Anglicans (Episcopalians) are bound together by a rich worship tradition embodied in the Book of Common Prayer which has been translated into many languages.

St. Paul’s, like all Episcopal Churches, bridges the Catholic-Protestant divide and holds a middle ground between them.   It combines the beauty and dignity of catholic sacramental worship with the protestant emphasis upon the Bible and the authority of every baptized member to apply the faith as each is guided.

The Episcopal Church has no faith that is distinctly its own.   Instead, it looks to the Scripures and the Creeds of the undivided Church for its outline of the faith.  It honors the role of reason in working out the significance of Christian belief for the whole of life.  It is an historic faith thoroughly at home in the 21st century.

For those of confident faith,  shaky faith or no faith at all, our invitation is the same.  The Episcopal Church welcomes youno exceptions!