Formation Hour

The Formation Hour is from 9:30 am – 10:15 am on Sunday mornings.

  • Adult Formation: The Parish Hall
  • Middle School (6-8 Grade): The Library
  • Children Formation (Kindergarten – 5th grade): Room 12
  • Childcare 6 months – 5 years: The Activity Room
  • Godly Play: Children of all ages are invited to attend children’s chapel during part of the 10:30 Eucharist.


Adult Formation: Praying the Book of Revelation
September 15 & 22, October 6 & 13

The Revelation to St. John is the last book in the Bible, and also one of the weirdest. Some Christians have used it to predict exactly when the end of the world will come, and it’s figured in the plots of some pretty terrifying movies. (Left Behind I, II, and III, for example.)

But what do we make of it in the Episcopal church? What if Revelation is strange and terrifying because the times in which it was written were strange and terrifying? What if God gave us this book not to predict the end, but to help us cope with the present, right now?

As well as plagues, horsemen and a red dragon, Revelation also gives us some of the deepest words of hope in the Bible. Join us as we listen to what God is saying through it.

The Rev. Margaret Holt Sammons will lead the first three discussions; The Rev. Gregory Sammons will lead the final one.

We will have guest speakers on October 20 and October 27.

Beginning November 3, Father John will lead a book discussion on Rob Bell’s What is the Bible?


Middle School Formation

The Middle Schoolers are exploring the basics of the faith in a fascinating study led by Sarah Pfeiler!


Children Formation 

This year our children are immersed in a lectionary-based curriculum that includes games, songs and so much more led by Aimee Hill!


Godly Play

Ruth Ann Alexander leads the Children Chapel which utilizes Godly Play. See Bible stories come to life in this riveting way of storytelling! Godly Play occurs during the 10:30 am Eucharist. Children follow the Godly Play leaders out of the Main Chapel during the Gospel Hymn.