The members of St. Paul’s Book Club read a new book, and discuss it (and pretty much everything else) over wine and treats at a different host’s home at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. The purpose of the Book Club is simply to get together with others who like to read; although our books cluster loosely around religious topics, ours is not a study group.

The Bible Book Club 2017-2018


The Bible Book Club (BBC) is a group dedicated to reading the 66 books of the Holy Bible, with occasional book(s) of the Apocrypha. We get together once a week to discuss the common readings and share a bite to eat.

Our approach is to read each book as an entity. Whether we’re new to the Bible or an old hand, we try to “read it again for the first time.” Our discussions revolve around a few questions about the text such as: What stood out for you? Any connections between the book and our culture, legal systems, etc. that you found? How was the reading/translation, how did it move you if at all? What basic messages did the text deliver for you? Is the book boring, beautiful, melodic, repetitive, etc.? How do you interpret what you’ve read, e.g. literal, personal? What does the book mean to you? How did the book read? The discussions are not judgmental and free flowing. The coordinator strives to keep it moving, if necessary, and include all.  We’re really interested in what you have to say. Different perspectives provide learning and enrichment for all of us. Humorous or iconoclastic or irreverent questions and comments are welcome, no lectures allowed. The sessions are meant to provide fellowship, learning, and fun.

This year we will focus on two “vertical slices” of the Bible with at least one book from each of the sections of the Old Testament (Pentateuch, History, Wisdom, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets) each term and from the New Testament (1 Gospel and 7 Letters in the Fall, 1 Gospel and Acts in the Winter). The schedule for the Fall and for the Winter is reproduced below. You can attend any or all the sessions. We ask that you register for the group by emailing Joe Schenk, the coordinator, at


The Bible Book Club 2017-2018


Fall, 2017 Tuesdays 6 – 7:30 pm, in the Paulpit

Date                                      Book/Chapters                                 Pages

September 12                    Introduction                                       0

September 19                    Exodus 1-20                                        15

September 26                    Exodus 21-40                                      16

October 3                            Joshua                                                  18

October 10                          Psalms 1-30                                        13

October 17                          Psalms 31-60                                      16

October 24                          Psalms  61-90                                     17

October 31                          Psalms  91-120                                   17

November 7                       Psalms 121-150 + 152                     11

November 14                     Jeremiah 1-17                                    17

November 21                     Jeremiah 18-35                                  16

November 28                     Jeremiah 36-52                                  16

December 4                        Hosea                                                   8

December 11                     Mark                                                     15

December 18                     Letters: James; 1,2 Peter; 1,2,3, John; Jude                               14


December 25                     Christmas (no meeting)                 0




The Bible Book Club 2017-2018

Winter/Spring, 2018 Tuesdays 6 – 7:30 pm, in the Paulpit

Date                                      Book/Chapters                                 Pages

January 2                             New Year (no meeting)                 0

January 9                             Genesis 1-25                                      17

January 16                           Genesis 26-50                                    18

January 23                           Judges                                                  19

January 30                           1 Samuel Chs. 1-20                           15

February 6                           1 Samuel Chs. 21-31                        10

2 Samuel Chs. 1-9                             5

February 13                        2 Samuel Chs. 10-24                        14

February 20                        Proverbs                                              21

February 27                        Isaiah Chs. 1-22                                 15

March 6                               Isaiah Chs. 23-45                               19

March   13                           Isaiah Chs. 46-66                               17

March   20                           Joel, Amos, Obadiah                       11

March   27                           Jonah, Micah, Nahum                    12

April 3                                   John Chs. 1-10                                   10

April 10                                 John Chs. 11-21                                 10

April 17                                 Acts 1-13                                              12

April 24                                 Acts 14-28                                           13

May 1                                    Wrap-up                                              0