Marriage is a joyful sacramental act in the Episcopal Church. A wedding is preceded by several preparation meetings with the Rector for which a couple should normally allow at least 3-6 months, depending on their circumstances. Usually, at least one member of the couple should have a relationship with St. Paul’s. A wedding date should not be set without consulting with the Church calendar first.


Baptism is full incorporation into the Body of Christ and membership in the Church. It is open to all who seek a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and intend to follow Christ in the fellowship of the Church. Baptism is ordinarily performed at a public service on 1 of the 4 Sundays set aside by the Book of Common Prayer. People of any age are welcome to be baptized.


A Funeral is an important celebration of a loved one’s life and an act of faith that death is not merely an ending, but a doorway that leads to larger life. The Rector stands ready to help families plan for the funerals of loved ones and to provide support in a time of loss. St. Paul’s encourages you to make decisions about a funeral ahead of time and to keep the plan on file at the Church.

To make arrangements for any of these special services, please contact the Parish Office at 937-293-1154.